Welcome Message

Welcome to Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network

Pastors' Wives are "Women of God" chosen to be married to "Men of God" to fulfill a divine call.  Jesus said  in Matthew 22:14, that "Many are called but few are chosen," and I believe you were hand selected as a part of God's divine plan.  You have many roles (wife, mother, minister, business owner, career woman, etc.), many responsibilities, requirements and expectations. You give out a lot but where do you go to get refilled? While many turn to you, where do you turn?  While you're meeting the needs of others, whose meeting your needs? 

The Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network (PWEN) was birthed for this reason: To be a safe haven; a place of true sisterhood; a place where you can come for support, encouragement, inspiration, strength and whatever you need to fulfill the call.

So join us as a free Ruby Member or support us as a Diamond Member.  We will provide resources, ministry, prayer, counseling and many other avenues of support. We are committed to develop a Sisterhood of Pastors' Wives who draw their strength from God to be Witnesses first in Jerusalem (Home), Judea (Church and Community), Samaria (Outside of the Church), and the Uttermost parts of the earth (the World) according to Acts 1:8. We will be God's Virtuous Woman that walks with her husband, saving the lost with the help of a saved family!  Our confidence is in God and His Word: "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me" (Phil. 4:13). 

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, my sister. Together with Christ, 'WE CAN DO IT!"