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Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network is committed to keeping your personal information private.   We use web forms to obtain contact information such as your name, address, phone number and email address. Your information is used to notify you of events as well as to communicate with anyone who contacts our site. We will not release or sell your personal information to third party sites.  Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network may contain links to other sites; we are not responsible for the information and or content given on those sites.


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Any information that you post in a public setting is available for anyone to view.  Please be mindful when you are disclosing your personal information with others.  Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network is not responsible for the information that you disclose.


Disclaimer:  Everything posted may not express the opinion of Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network.  We reserve the right to modify, alter, or remove any content.


We will only support material and comments that foster love and sisterhood.


If you have any questions concerning our privacy policy, you may contact us at:


Terms & Conditions


1.     Acceptable Content - Offensive comments and materials may not be used on this sight.


2.     Any materials submitted to Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network becomes the property of Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network. [Exception: written agreement]


3.     Acceptable Use - Users of this website may not harass other users.  Please do not promote content that violates this website's policies or transmit inappropriate material through this website.


4.     Payment Terms - Payments are due at the time of the request for products and or services.  If a payment is not received, a product and or service may not be rendered; if your membership fees and or your automated payments are stopped, this site will automatically block you from certain membership privileges.


5.     Billing Policy - We accept Visa and MasterCard. All online orders are processed through 128 bit SSL encryption to protect your credit card information during your online transaction. All prices and figures are listed in US Dollars. 


6.     Return Policy - All orders are nonrefundable. Damaged or defective product may be exchanged for a replacement.


7.     While Supplies Last - We reserve the right to substitute any items that are being given away as free or promotional items if supplies are no longer available.


8.     Copyright & Trade-Marks - You may not reproduce in whole or part any of the website's content: this also includes products such as books, CD's, DVD's, Recordings, etc., without written consent.


9.     Modifications - PastorsWivesEmpowermentNetwork.Org reserves the right to revise its Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time