About Our Founder

Laura Pickett, Founder of Pastors' Wives Empowerment Network (PWEN); Co-Pastor of Destiny Faith Church (DFC); Co-Founder and President of Pickett Outreach Ministries (POM); Wife; Mother; Minister; Author; Psalmist and more.

Laura Pickett, a pastor's wife with a heart to serve God's chosen vessels, has firsthand knowledge of the challenges, concerns and issues that this special call to ministry can bring. She has over 30 years of experience, as wife to Otis O. Pickett, Jr., Pastor and Founder of Destiny Faith Church in Atlanta, GA.

Pastor Otis & Evangelist Laura Pickett Laura have not only produced 3 children but their collaboration produced two Ministries: DFC and POM. This couple is well known for their Marriage Ministry through retreats, workshops and teachings. As a Pastor and Co-Pastor, they have had many years of experience in Marriage and Family Counseling. They have co-authored the book, Married Life or Married Life Sentence, for which they have been featured on radio and television programs, including several guest appearances on the Christian Network TBN.

Evangelist Laura Pickett is a much sought after Minister of the Gospel and a dynamic Woman of God who is yielded to bring forth His plans and His purposes here in the earth.  She is known for her revelatory preaching and her demonstrative teachings, who does not bow to popular opinion, but boldly takes her stand for the Cause of Christ!